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The multidisciplinary community for everyone working in radiology, radiation oncology and the underlying sciences.


The British Institute of Radiology is the international membership organisation for everyone working in imaging, radiation oncology and the underlying sciences.

Our aims are to:
  • Support the work of our members and their colleagues to achieve professional excellence
  • Provide continuing professional development for our multidisciplinary community
  • Publish cutting edge research for our authors and readers across the world
  • Influence and connect with the wider professional sector 
Core values

  • We believe in the value of multidisciplinary collaboration to combat disease;
  • We believe that every effort should be made to optimise the use of radiation in healthcare and in the diagnosis and treatment of disease;
  • We believe that research and education are vitally important; and  consider all our members to be equal regardless of profession or grade.
Registered charity no: 215869
Patron: Her Majesty the Queen


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Category: Events
Summary: This event will provide an overview of radiology incidents and near miss events
Category: Events
Summary: This one-day workshop focuses on ultrasound examination of the head and neck and is aimed at all ultrasound practitioners.
Category: Events
Summary: This one-day refresher course covers important topics relevant to daily practice in musculoskeletal and trauma radiology.
Category: Events
Summary: A one-day course as part of a three year rolling cycle providing a refresher in the imaging and investigation of head and neck pathology.